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Electric switchboards manufacturing
Railway integration
Energy efficiency and monitoring
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Engineering and design of electrical panels. Specialists in assembly and wiring. Installers and cable-laying. Mounting boxes and cabinets. Motor Control Center. As switchboards. Builders. Design electrical installations.

MCC's (8PT)
MCC's (S8)
General switchboards

STS Technical Services & Supplies leads to innovate and develop all kinds of projects for the railway sector in the management and control of energy in all types of systems: conventional lines, high-speed lines, subway lines, trams and light rail.
Switches catenary
Power quality

We understand the energy efficiency as a process of continuous improvement based on: measure, establish bases, automate and eventually controlled and improved. We help reduce energy demand without affecting the production process, improving productivity and increasing profit per kW invested.

"Throughout space there is energy, and it is a matter of time until men succeed in their mechanisms linked to the use of that energy."

Nikola Tesla

Data Center
Industrial sector
Terciary sector
Water / Energy

All kinds of automation and control systems in industrial, process, power generation, PLC programming, database generation and standard programming tools and own SCADA.

Data acquisition (DAS)

Our goal is focused on participatory innovation, fusing systems integration, research and new concepts of scientific development as a contribution to a sustainable development phase.

STS makes targeted research and directed their resources to innovation, collaborating for the development of R&D&i in the industrial, energy and tertiary sector.

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